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6-in-1 Maintenance Oil , for universal application.

WS6 is resin-free, acid-free, and silicone-free, it does not attack rubber, paint, or plastics to ensure the highest compatibility with a diverse range of materials.

WS6 Maintenance Oil provides excellent performance as a versatile maintenance spray for more than 1000 applications

Fast flash-off behaviour and excellent cleaning performance, Acetone-free, AOX-free and silicone-free

6 main features:

6-in-1 Maintenance Oil WS6 is now available in a convenient 400ml, allowing powerful and simple applications of our newest maintenance oil.

Cleaning : quick cleaning performance by penetrating deep into dirt, grease, and oily residues

Rust remover: high rapid penetration of rust and corrosion.

Corrosion protection: Provides A thin protective film of the viscous spray supplants moisture effectively protecting against rust and corrosion

Lubricating: Offers excellent lubricating properties to eliminate creaking and squeaking by reducing friction and wear between moving parts and cooperating components.

Engin start aid : Adding a lubricant feature to an engine start aid system could involve integrating a mechanism to deliver lubrication to critical engine components during startup

Displace Moisture: This feature expels moisture from mechanical components or surfaces, preventing corrosion and maintaining optimal performance

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