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Window adhesive Classic Plus

Window Classic Adhesive Plus

Quality and professional service are essential at Würth, we offer a wide range of products, including windscreen adhesive, allowing the replacement of any glazing on passenger and utility vehicles in all climatic circumstances and adapted to their own technical specificities.

Product Specifications

•Window Adhesive Classic Plus adhesive is based on one-component polyurethane, is suitable for any surface such as aluminum or magnesium, and can be used on any vehicle, even those with high-end bodywork. It is non-conductive and suitable for any glazing with an integrated antenna.

•Window Adhesive Classic, based on Moisture curing 1K polyurethane, is suitable for any type of elastic bonding, has very good resistance to UV and weathering, and has high performance at ambient temperatures between -10 °C and 35 °C, provided that the installation and immobilization times of the vehicle are observed.


•Their triangle-shaped cords, applied to all types of bodywork, make them a high-quality adhesive that is easy to apply.

•It can be used for all standard vehicle types in the passenger car, commercial vehicle, bus, van, and agricultural and construction machinery sectors.


•When applying the material, ensure that the working environment is clean. It is essential to use the product with the accompanying Würth system components to ensure correct and faultless work. The work instructions provided with the product must be followed during application.

•A varioprimer must be applied to freshly painted surfaces. Before applying the primer, the paint must be allowed to harden completely.

Tested Safety

•Drive-away time confirmed with crash test and TÜV certificate in accordance with FMVSS208/212

•Meets the requirements of original equipment manufacturers (vehicle manufacturers).

Classic Plus Art.No 0890023706