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Brake Cleaner 500ml

Fast flash-off behaviour and excellent cleaning performance, Acetone-free, AOX- and silicone-free


Brake Cleaner 500ml

Brake Cleaner 500ml is a handy and effective cleaning product for maintaining brake systems and ensuring optimal performance and safety of vehicles and equipments. Würth provides you with a full range of brake cleaners with high-performance cleaning properties. The brake cleaner is essential for performing effective self-maintenance on a regular basis.


‣Able to remove dirt, impurities or liquids that can prevent your brake pads, discs and brake lines from working properly.

‣It effectively degreases your braking system in a short time without discolouring or staining.

‣A acetone-free product compatible with different materials and coatings: paints, plastics, rubber, etc.

‣Very effective, it degreases any dirty clutch and brake parts and extends their service life.

‣A ready-to-use spray allows the product to be applied without any difficulty and makes deep cleaning possible.

Application area

For quickly removing oily/greasy residues, soot, brake dust on vehicles, disc and drum brakes, engine and gearbox housings etc.

Brake Cleaner Art.No 08901087