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Würth Red Stripe, a distinctive category within Würth's product portfolio, represents a line of premium-quality. Characterized by their durability, precision engineering, and superior performance, Würth Red Stripe products are designed to meet the stringent demands of professionals across various industries. From high-strength this category encompasses a comprehensive range of fastening solutions, ensuring reliability and efficiency in every application.



Versatility and Scalability: a combination of the most used types of accessories for a broad range of applications in the fields of industrial maintenance, construction projects, automotive repair, and furniture assembly.

  • 17 pcs ¼” HEX Socket Wrench Set
  • 24 pcs ¼” HEX Socket Wrench Set
  • 32 pcs ¼” HEX Socket Wrench Set
  • 40 pcs ¼” HEX Socket Wrench Set
  • 22 pcs ½” HEX Socket Wrench Set



Robust design and durable material for the most demanding applications in diverse sectors such as automotive, furniture and industrial. The perfect blend of affordability and reliability.

  • Short Version
  • Long Version
  • Extra Long Version



The star-like head allied to the T-shaped handle makes it far more secure than regular screws and allows higher torque transmission so screws and bolts can be tightened more securely. Widely used in applications in vehicles, motorcycles, bicycles, computer systems, hard disk drives and consumer electronics. Unleash durability without compromising your budget with RedStripe.

  • Straight Handle Screwdriver
  • T Handle Screwdriver


Rugged design, featuring a hardened steel construction, ensures resistance to tough applications that demand elevated torque. The combination of different designs of the ends (ring and open-ended) offers versatility for a wide variety of applications, meeting the most rigorous demands of tasks in maintenance and assembly in the fields of automotive, industry and construction.

  • 8 pcs Combination Wrench Set (WS8-19)
  • 12 pcs Combination Wrench Set (WS6-22)
  • 17 pcs Combination Wrench Set (WS6-22)
  • 25 pcs Combination Wrench Set (WS6-32)



One-step-solution: its adjustable design offers the efficiency of multiple wrench sizes in a single robust tool. Unleash versatility within price, and performance.

  • Single Open-End Wrench Adjustable (WS0-19)-L150MM
  • Single Open-End Wrench Adjustable (WS0-24)-L200MM
  • Single Open-End Wrench Adjustable (WS0-29)-L250MM
  • Single Open-End Wrench Adjustable (WS0-34)-L300MM